The Art of Cooking

The consistency of the ‘Pizza Napoletana’ should be soft, elastic, easy to manipulate and fold. The crust should deliver the flavour of well-prepared, baked bread perfumed and fragrant. We strive to adhere to the traditional standards of Verace Pizza Napoletana but have taken it to another level by extending the maturation process.

Our Dough

Delicate & Highly digestible


A Delicious experience

Chef Pasquale’s dough is the result of love, passion and a lot of research. It all starts with the selection of the ideal four, Organic Stone Milled Flour Blend, from Cinque Stagioni, leavened with Natural Yeast and Natia Bottled Water for at least 36 hours. A long maturation process results in a light, delicate and highly digestible Pizza!

Our Wines

Selected by sommelier Maurizio de Rosa

Prova’s wine list is the brainchild of Maurizio de Rosa and Rosario Procino and their mutual passion for the wines of their native land of Campania. The wine list is designed to showcase the ancient grape varietals that have blessed our land for over 3,000 years. We hope that through our efforts our guests can discover obscure grapes such as Caprettone and Pallagrello.


We source the best ingredients from Italy


Simply Delicious experience

Here at Prova we are committed to sourcing the best ingredients several times a week from Italy. From the flour to the oil, we carefully select every ingredient as well as use some locally sourced high quality products. We pride ourselves in the originality of our recipes and a creative approach…a great example is our Uni-ca Pizza topped with sea urchin, pecorino romano, mint and lemon zest.